About Us

OMI Profile – the advantage of modern roofing materials.

Our company, OMI Profile, manufactures highly durable and reliable roofing materials. Materials come from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. During the production process, we use hot galvanized steel covered in polymer coating to guarantee a long-lasting service life. We diligently select suppliers of our materials to make sure that only premium quality products are delivered and used in every step of the production cycle. Among our partners are world-renowned companies such as: NLMK (Russia), SSAB Tunnplåt AB (Sweden), Ruukki (Finland) and Corus Ltd. (UK).


The work of our employees is strictly monitored and our products go through extensive quality control to ensure the highest quality of the end product and its adaptability in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, our products are resistant to deformation, rust, mechanical stress and ultraviolet rays. OMI’s lightweight roofing system makes it possible to reduce the requirements of the truss system and, in turn, reduce overall construction time and costs. Additionally, each profile is equipped with secure locks in all directions to establish a tight seal.


Every individual order is customizable in the following ways: profiles are available in a broad range of unique types and shapes, as well as a wide selection of coating materials and colors. Each client has the ability to select a coating material that will satisfy all necessary requirements and select a color that will complement the design of any house or building.


The professionals at OMI will assist you in determining the exact calculations and materials necessary for your project to ensure a swift, waste-free installation process.


OMI Profile products are available for shipment all around the world. Please contact us at any time for further details and additional information!