Мы меняем мир, делаем его чуточку удобней - благодаря нашим решениям множество людей нашли надёжную крышу,
компании смогли построить классные дома в срок, а жизнь множества людей стала комфортней.
Приходите и меняйте мир с нами!

  • Alena VenderovaSales Manager

    In my work I appreciate the opportunity to resolve the vital problems of customers and find a way out from any of the most difficult situations.

Несколько примеров

  • A metal roof in the color RAL 5021 (Ocean Blue) flawlessly complements structures with a classic red brick design. Extreme durability combined with aesthetic appeal, the “Pamir” roofing material is highly acclaimed by owners of cottages and country homes. 

  • Some clients prefer this type of profile due to its low weight and affordable price. Distinctive colors were selected to complement the design of the existing structure. 

  • Thanks to the well-calculated measurements of the drainage system, the installation was completed in a short period of time. High-quality materials are essential for the functionality and longevity of the system without traces of corrosion.