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Алёна Вендерова
"... Swedish quality combined with an attractive appearance."

The LINDAB drainage system has the ability to withstand extremely heavy loads. The metal gutter is covered in anti-corrosive polymer coating that ensures and everlasting service life.


Flexible design – suitable for single-storey homes and multi-storey urban buildings

Easy installation – assembly process does not require special equipment or additional sealants

Variety of colors – wide selection of polymer coatings will complement the design of any structure

Classic look – conservative Swedish design


Key Difference:

The ductile properties of this drainage system make it possible to manufacture in all sizes. Components are selected in accordance to the construction of the structure. The incorporated connecting lock ensures a tightly sealed connection without the use of additional tools and materials.  

Drainage System - LINDAB

The LINDAB drainage system is a high-quality, reliable set of components that can be easily assembled without the use of sealants and special tools. 


  • Advanced noise-reduction properties
  • Resistant to deformation


All colors


Suitable for use in severe Canadian weather conditions. 



Thickness of Sheet: 
0.60 mm