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Алёна Вендерова
“…multi-functional design.”

This product not only functions as a roof railing, but also as a snow guard for tile roofing systems.


Multipurpose – two-in-one

Reliability – concave design that can be mounted on rippled roofing tiles

Resistant to corrosion – multiple levels of anti-corrosive protection

Installation at any time- installation is possible after the roof is complete, or during roof construction


Key Difference:

Since this single structure serves multiple functions, it reduces the overall pressure on the roofing system. 

Roof Railing with 5 Pillars - Functions as Snow Guard for Metal Roofs

Dual protective functions suitable for metal roofing systems. 



  • Has the ability to support heavy loads
  • Fast, easy and safe delivery
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Красное вино
All colors

Weight: 12-15 kg

Length: 3 m


-     5 mounting supports

-     3 short pipes

-     2 long pipes (diameter: 25mm)

-     2 pipes (diameter: 32mm)

-     5 bolts (diameter: 8*20)

-     5 M8 nuts

-     5 M8 pucks 


Maximum Length: 
3.00 m
Minimum Length: 
3.00 m