What you need to know about the OMI Drainage System

Useful information regarding the installation of the OMI drainage system:

When purchasing a roofing system, do not forget about the essential gutter system. A well-designed drainage system will not only save you money, but also increase the comfort of your home.

A roofing system that is 50-100 square meters requires at least one funnel attached to a drainage pipe. At the same time, the length of the drainage pipe through which the water will flow should not exceed 10 meters. The hook is mounted horizontally under the gutter, and should be used with roofs with an inclination angle of 7-45 degrees. The hooks are attached to each rafter at a distance of approximately 600mm apart. The hooks are fasted at a specific angle so that trough feeds water into the funnel. Moreover, hooks are mounted so that the edge of the gutter extends the roofing sheet to 25mm. The final step is to install the metal roof on top of the horizontal gutter mount. If a gutter system is installed after a metal roof is in place, or if it is not possible to mount the rafter under the metal, then the hooks are installed on the vertical frontal boards. In this case, vertical fastening hooks are used. 

When installing a vertical chute, mark the location of the drain and use a hacksaw to cut an opening in the metal. Next, position and fasten the funnel in place. OMI guarantees a leakage-free gutter system because the chutes are securely connected joint to joint.

It is important to determine the length of the tube that will be fasted to the building. The maximum distance between the drainpipes should be 2 meters. Mounting screws should be used when installing the drainage system on a brick wall. Select the length of the connecting pipe and install them with the corner portions of the drainpipe called “knees”. Attach them to the funnel. Install the pipes and drain. Finally, it is vital to clean the surface from metal chips and scrapes because metal residue can facilitate corrosion and damage the polymer coating.