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Алёна Вендерова
“Reliable security in combination with an aesthetic appearance.”

This product not only functions as a roof railing, but also as a snow guard for standig seam roofing systems. The set includes fasteners suitable for standing seam roofs, and imitate the vise concept.


Multipurpose – two-in-one

Resistant to corrosion – multiple coatings of anti-corrosive protection

Installation at any time- installation is possible after the roof is complete, or during roof construction


Key Difference:

Since this single structure serves multiple functions, it reduces the overall pressure on the roofing system. Also, our installers ensure that the coating is not damaged during the installation process. 

Roof Railing with 5 Pillars – Functions as Snow Guard for Standing Seam Roofs

Reliable fixation that imitates the vise concept. The 2-in-1 design reduces overall pressure on the roofing system. 


  • Has the ability to support heavy loads
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Красное вино
All colors

Weight: 12 kg 

Length: 3 m


Maximum Length: 
3.00 m
Minimum Length: 
3.00 m