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Алёна Вендерова
"Large skylights allow more natural light to enter the attic space."

“Fakro” windows are designed specifically for installation in attic spaces. The configuration and materials are carefully selected by professions, taking into account relevant operating conditions. 


Reliability – resistant to forceful impact

Convenience – the latch is positioned on the lower part of the window

Aesthetic perfection – complete view of the outdoors

Large useful space – vent valve is located at the bottom of the package

Suitable for all climatic conditions - glazed windows are filled with argon because it is resistant to extreme temperature changes

Environmentally friendly – a frame constructed of high-quality wood allows “breathability”


Key Difference:

The mounting system is designed to match the characteristics of a layout window. Special corners allow installers to faster the window on rafters or purlins. The depth of the mounting structure may vary. 

Skylight "Fakro"

This classic design skylight is waterproof to prevent the accumulation of moisture. It also enables the flow of light without heat loss.  


  • Advanced noise-reduction properties
  • Fast, easy and safe delivery


  • Polyester


All colors

Suitable for rooms located directly under the roof of the building.