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Алёна Вендерова
“A reasonable price in combination with high rigidity and simple installation process.”

The main advantage of the OMI-M2 ceiling/wall panel is its superb technical and operational performance in combination with a relatively low price. The reliable finishing coat is highly resistant to both corrosion and extreme temperature changes.

Corrosion resistant – additional zinc layer protects against negative environmental influences, as well as chemical and electrolytic corrosion

Fire resistant – material is produced from hot-rolled galvanized steel and does not burn

Simple installation – a system of connectors available to individuals with any level of construction skills

Wide selection of colors – wide range of colors will complement the design of any structure


Key Difference:

The use of siding fasteners provides a sealed, monolithic assembly of the ceiling panels. An extensive color map allows you to select the appropriate color to complement the design of any structure. The profile will retain shape in extreme temperature changes. 

Ceiling Panel OMI-M2

This product is highly durable and easy to install. The panels are unaffected by parasites and mold. This affordable solution is suitable for buildings and homes in all categories.  


  • Fast, easy and safe delivery
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Polyester


All colors

 The OMI-M2 ceiling/wall finishing panels have a rigid appearance. They are easily maintained and do not require additional care or preventative procedures.  


Effective width: 
180 mm
Total width: 
208 mm
Thickness of Sheet: 
0.40-0.60 mm
Maximum Length: 
4.00 m
Minimum Length: 
0.50 m