Sales Manager
Alena Venderova
"As a result of an increase in wavelength, this material is ideal for a roof with large surface area."

Our company produces durable sheets of metal with an increased wavelength, perfect for large roofing systems.


Reliable protection against corrosion 

Polymer coating - protection against adverse environmental conditions in different climates

Fast installation - timely delivery and installation process

Wide selection of colors - complement the design of any structure

Key Difference:

In conjunction with a step of 25 mm, the increased wavelength provides the necessary rigid properties of a quality roofing system. The combination of anti-corrosive coating applied to galvanized metal sheets is the foundation of a durable, long-lasting metal roof.

Metal Roof "Grand Classic"

The use of certified materials for a profile with a step height of 25mm,  allows for a wavelength increase of up to 400 mm without the loss of strength.


  • Large surface area
  • Has the ability to support heavy loads
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Polyurethane
  • PVDF (PVF2)
    PVDF (PVF2)
  • Polyester


  • Красное вино
  • Красный насыщенный
All colors

This material is ideal for owners of large properties that seek an exact imitation of natural tiles.


Wave Heigth: 
25 mm
Wave Length: 
400 mm
Effective width: 
1100 mm
Total width: 
1190 mm
Zinc Content: 
140-275 g/m2
Thickness of Sheet: 
0.45-0.70 mm
Maximum Length: 
10.00 m
Minimum Length: 
0.35 m