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Алёна Вендерова
“A roof pipe cap provides maximum protection against rain, snow and debris.”

The cap protects the roof pipe from damage in volatile weather conditions, and the ingress of rain and snow. The orifice of the chimney remains unobstructed and the combustion process is not interfered with.


Durability – superior quality materials

Enhanced rigidity – cap secures the opening of the roof pipe

Reliability - highly resistant to temperature changes

No obstruction – chimney caps enhance traction as the smoke exits the fissure, without the accumulation of moisture


Key Difference:

The advanced design meets all necessary safety requirements and is suitable for all heating systems.

Roof Pipe Cap Diameter: 100-400mm

A roof pipe cap prevents the accumulation of debris, as well as moisture from unfavorable environmental conditions. Most importantly, the cap does not obstruct the orifice of the roof pipe. 


  • Fast, easy and safe delivery
  • Resistant to deformation
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Resistant to thermal shock


  • Polyester


  • серебристый металлик
All colors

Suitable for all heating systems.