Sales Manager
Alena Venderova
"Supreme protection against corrosion and negative environmental influences."

OMI’s seam roof can withstand any climatic conditions. An additional coating protects the material against aggressive environmental influences.


Tight fit – all fixture elements are hidden under the roof, and no holes punctures on the surface of the sheet

Resistance to deformation – no repairs are required due to the crimping double-folded seam

Great opportunities for design – easy to get around any protrusions, roundness, and complex architectural elements

Economy – the material is installed with virtually no waste


Key Difference:

The client is able to select a seam roof with polyester or pural coating.

Coating availability will vary depending on the selected property modifications. 

Seam Roof

OMI Profile's own production, developed with harsh Canadian winters in mind! 


  • Adaptable in adverse weather conditions
  • Has the ability to support heavy loads
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Polyester
  • Pural


  • Gunmetal
All colors

This product was manufactured to implement complex designs of a structure, without loss of integrity.


Zinc Content: 
140-275 g/m2
Thickness of Sheet: 
0.50-0.70 mm
Maximum Length: 
10.00 m
Minimum Length: 
0.50 m