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Алёна Вендерова
“An affordable solution for a safe and secure roofing system!”

This option of a snow guard is reliable, lightweight, and affordable. It has the ability to support heavy amounts of snow. The presence of included plugs and gaskets ensures greater longevity of the structure.


All inclusive – set includes: bearings, gaskets and plugs

Lightweight – oval pipe design facilitates weight distribution

Installation at any time – assembly is possible during the construction process, or on a finished roof

Wide selection of colors– favorably complement the design of any roof system


Key Difference:

Due to a diameter of 25 mm, the snow guard reduces the construction cost and overall weight of the structure. 

Snow Guard D-25 Tube - ¾ Counterbalanced (Economical Option)

This type of snow guard is highly durable due to the anti-corrosive polymer coating. It is reliable security for roofing projects with a small budget. 


  • Has the ability to support heavy loads
  • Fast, easy and safe delivery


  • Красное вино
All colors

Weight: 8-9 kg 

Length: 3m



Maximum Length: 
3.00 m
Minimum Length: 
3.00 m