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Алёна Вендерова
“An affordable solution that precisely imitates a natural tile that is suitable for roofing systems with various shapes.”

During the development process of “Fazenda”, the goal of the engineers was to create a roofing material with variously sized step crates. As a result, the recommended step of the profile is 17.5cm or 35cm. This also simplifies the installation process. It is important to note that this product is not inferior to roofing systems with standard crates.


Select appropriate size step crate – simplifies the installation process

Wide selection of available colors – complement the design of any structure

Wide selection of types of polymer coatings

Secure connection in all directions to avoid leakage


Key Difference:

The ability to select the width of the step crate simplifies the installation process, especially on small roofs and roofs with unusual shapes (such as protrusions and creases). This profile is installed with minimal excess material. 

Metal Roof "Fazenda"

Varying size step crates are ideal for small installations. The simplicity of this product facilitates its superior performance.


  • Advanced noise-reduction properties
  • Does not require special care and additional treatment
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to deformation


  • Polyester


  • Красный насыщенный
  • Пастельно-желтый
  • серебристый металлик
All colors

This type of profile is suitable for facades with unique shapes that seek a perfect imitation to a natural tile roofing system. 


Wave Heigth: 
18 mm
Wave Length: 
175 mm
Effective width: 
1100 mm
Total width: 
1190 mm
Zinc Content: 
140-275 g/m2
Thickness of Sheet: 
0.45-0.70 mm
Maximum Length: 
10.00 m
Minimum Length: 
0.35 m